Indianapolis cold storage by Merchandise Warehouse in Indianapolis, Indiana

Cold Storage Warehouse in Indianapolis
Merchandise Multi-Temp Warehouse, Inc.
Merchandise Multi-Temp Warehouse, Indianapolis public warehouse providing cold storage services in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our cold storage services include:
  • Blast freezing (or Quick Freezing) (-25 degrees)
  • Ultra-cold cold storage (-20 degrees)
  • Frozen food storage (-5 degrees)
  • Refrigerated food storage (28 to 45 degrees)

Merchandise Multi-Temp Warehouse is located near downtown Indianapolis, Indiana and is easy to reach from other major midwestern cities such as: Dayton Ohio, Columbus Ohio, Cincinnati Ohio, Louisville Kentucky, Columbus Indiana, Lafayette Indiana, Terre Haute Indiana, Bloomington Indiana, Richmond Indiana.

Merchandise Multi-Temp Warehouse is a full-service public warehouse with a storage capacity of 611,000 sq. ft., offering every type of frozen storage, refrigerated cold storage and dry storage you need under one roof, including blast freezing in large blast freezers, ultra-cold storage, frozen food storage, refrigerated food warehousing, heated warehouses, ambient temperature warehouses, and industrial storage.

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Merchandise Warehouse of Indianapolis, Indiana (IN) provides blast freezing (quick freezing), ultra-cold (ultra cold or ultracold), frozen, refrigerated warehouse (refrigeration). Merchandise Warehouses's facilities include blast freezers, ultra-cold freezers, refrigerators. The warehouse is in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Midwest facilities of this public warehouse are located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Indianapolis, IN (Indiana) is convenient to many major cities such as Dayton Ohio, Columbus Ohio, Cincinnati Ohio, Louisville Kentucky, Columbus Indiana, Lafayette Indiana, Terre Haute Indiana, Bloomington Indiana, Richmond Indiana.

Frozen Logistics are handled efficiently and Frozen Packing and frozen storage of foods such as quick freezing ice cream warehouse plus meat freezers, seafood, frozen fish, frozen juice concentrate, frozen pizza, fruits, Juice Storage in Low Temperature Storage. USDA approved international Export/Import services of Food and products export from this Indianapolis warehouse is an FDA Approved food warehouse in this Indiana freezer storage for Frozen Food Storage Food Warehouse where Frozen Foods are secure and safe.

This Indianapolis public warehousing company has public warehouses in indianapolis indiana available to the public for their warehousing needs Our warehouse has blast freezing, ultracold warehouses where frozen foods are warehoused by Merchandise Warehouse Conpany, Inc., an Indiana warehouser offering storage space for storage and public warehouse of frozen foods, storage of dry goods and heavy industrial.

USDA Import and USDA Export at our US Customs bonded warehouse for US Customs facilitation of USDA Export and USDA Import in our USDA-approved import/export facility. Merchandise Warehouse warehousing services in the Midwest for warehousing and distribution in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Our Blast freezing and ultra-cold facilities are ideal for ice cream storage and frozen foods cold storage and frozen meat storage of chilled products in climate controlled warehouse storage. Warehouse in indianapolis, Indiana: Merchandise Warehouse is a member of the American Frozen Food Institute, the IARW International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses, the National Frozen Food Association, and the World Food Logistics Organization. Our warehouse includes our Blast freezers, industrial warehouse areas, cold storage rooms, ambient ware house space and blast freezing. Merchandise Warehouse of Indianapolis, Indiana (IN) provides commercial storage and commercial food handling in our Commercial Warehousing and Dry Storage facility. Close Tolerance Humidity of cold food storage.Cold Storage of frozen foods in our cold storage unit in our cold storage warehouse is the perfect solution for cold storage warehousing in our cold warehouse.